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After 3 Program

The After 3 program is part of a countywide consortium that provides after school programming for Bedford County Students grades K to 12 under grants through the Pennsylvania Department of Education and through cooperative agreements with the county’s five school districts: Bedford Area, Chestnut Ridge, Everett Area, Northern Bedford, Tussey Mountain and the HOPE for Hyndman Charter School. The Bedford County 21st Century Community Learning Centers Consortium is the only one of its type in Pennsylvania to provide after school programming countywide among independent school districts.

After 3 is the secondary program for students grades 5 to 12 at six sites – Bedford High School, Hyndman High School, Chestnut Ridge High School, Everett Area High School, Northern Bedford County High School and Tussey Mountain High School.

The consortium is directed by countywide staff, including Project Directors Lyn Skillington and Rick Heath and Assistant Project Director Heather Sipes. A steering committee made up of administrators from the county’s five school districts along with representatives from community-based organizations meets regularly to oversee the projects.
After 3 program is Monday-Thursday; 3pm-6pm; while school is in session.
Advisor: Nikki Gephart