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Chestnut Ridge Senior Wins District 5 Academic Scholarhip

We are proud to announce that Ava Whysong, one of our graduating seniors at Chestnut Ridge School District, has been awarded a $1000 academic scholarship from the District 5 Athletic Committee.

This scholarship recognizes Ava's outstanding academic achievement, leadership skills, and athletic excellence. The District 5 Athletic Committee selects only a few outstanding seniors in the district every year, making it a highly competitive award. We are thrilled that Ava has been chosen as one of the recipients this year.

Ava has been an exceptional student-athlete during her high school years, making significant contributions to our school's sports programs. She has also been an active participant in various clubs and organizations in the district, showcasing her leadership skills and passion for service.

We are proud of Ava's achievements and are confident that she will continue to excel in her academic and athletic pursuits in the future. Her dedication and commitment to her studies and sports are inspiring to many, and we wish her all the best in her future endeavors.

Once again, congratulations to Ava Whysong on receiving this well-deserved academic scholarship from the District 5 Athletic Committee. You make us proud, and we cannot wait to see where your future takes you!