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Julia Evans » Biography


I have been a School Counselor with our school district for about 29 years. I have two sons who have attended Chestnut Ridge. I love living in Bedford County. It's a beautiful place to live and raise a family. My duties consist of working with students on a very wide variety of things such as career and educational choices, course scheduling, various types of standardized testing, and social/emotional issues. 
My Philosophy
My philosophy in working with students, whether it be with course work, career goals or on a more personal level is one of personal growth. It's not necessary for all students to get to the exact same "finish line." But what IS necessary is forward growth. Every student has the ability and potential to grow and the best part of my job is helping students see in what areas they can take a step forward, encouraging them to do it, and then celebrating their success afterward.
Master of Education with School Counselor Certification, Bachelor Degree in Psychology
School Attended
Indiana University of Pennsylvania