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Future Business Leaders of America » Chess Board Walk Through

Chess Board Walk Through

The first step: Boards get planed and cut into strips and are then glued together.
Step Two: Cut the boards into strips like above.
Step Three: Glue the strips from the previous step together.
Step Four: Glue three pieces of strip on the bottom to take the bow out of the boards.
Step Five: Glue four sets of two slats together (One Poplar and one Oak or Cherry)
Step Six: Cut 4 pieces of stock the same width and length of the slats you cut in step four (Oak or chery. which ever you used in the step above.)
Step Seven: Glue the slats and the stock pieces together (Make sure that your light pieces are in between your dark pieces.)
Step Eight: Rout The thicker edge with the patter of your desire (As demonstrated above)
Step Nine: Cut 45 degree angle on all routed pieces to fit each side of the chess board. Then glue each piece to the side of the chess board.

Step Ten: After your glue has dried and you have sanded the top down to a smooth feeling you can then use your finish supplement. (tong oil, wood finish, whatever one desires)

Step Eleven: After each coat take a very fine piece of sand paper and lightly go over the board till the smooth feeling comes back and then continue the process about four times. After the last coat take a piece of steal wool and very lightly go over your finish and then take a cloth with wax and wax the board down. After about 24 hours the wax should be dry. Then take the steal wool and lightly go over the wax again.

Link for final product