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Future Business Leaders of America » My Examples of Special Skills or Proficiencies

My Examples of Special Skills or Proficiencies

Examples of My Special Skills or Proficiencies


One must posses creativity in woodworking to visualize a way in which they will adapt changes in their work.


Patience is necessary because wood must be dried thoroughly before it can be used in products. When piecing items together, one must allow the adhesive to dry as well or the product will be ruined.


In woodworking, visual thinking is important when it comes to mistakes. The person must be able to visualize what the product will look like when pieced together.


Precise measurements must be perfect or the product will not fit together or look appealing and no one will buy the product.


Woodworkers must be Eco-minded in the sense that if there not their profession will die. The replicating of trees help the woodworkers continue there work and be Earth-friendly at the same time. It is imperative that woodworkers source their material from Eco-friendly companies.