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My Career-Related Education


Intro to Agriculture

Introduction to agriculture gives students a view of different areas in agriculture. Students get exposure to to basic skills in agriculture mechanics such as welding and wood working design.

Agriculture II

Agriculture two gives students an understanding of biotechnology in agriculture as it applies to animal management and reproduction. Mechanics will be introduced such as general weldings skills, tool sharpening, and plumbing skills.

Agriculture III

Agriculture three will offer students the opportunity to become more familiar with biotechnology as it applies to plants and plant propagation techniques. Agriculture mechanics skills will include masonry and electrical wiring and safety, along with general shop instructions.

Agriculture IV

Agriculture four will provide students with a deeper understanding of the agriculture industry by allowing them to research specific areas of interest. Ag. Mechanics skills can be further developed by allowing students to work independently on projects that are beneficial to their SAE.

Electronics I

Electricity and electronics is designed to provide the student with entry-level competencies for a wide range of technical careers and training. Lab activities provide the student with hands-on and minds-on training which is an integral part of this field. Students will learn to use multi-meters, power supplies, read schematics, build circuits, solder printed circuits boards and much more.

Technology Today and Tomorrow

Technology Today and Tomorrow will be an introduction to technological concepts and problem solving. Lab activities will provide the student with an opportunity to apply knowledge of principles of technology to practical problems.

Fundamentals of Woodworking

This class is designed to teach the fundamentals of woodworking. Students will learn to use various tools, machines, and process commonly used in the home, the workplace, and in the industry. Students will participate in a mass production product; performing research, estimation, set up, manufacturing, and distribution of the finished product.

Advanced Woodworking

This class is designed to teach advanced woodworking and cabinet making skills. Students will build several higher level projects, while learning modern cabinet making techniques.