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My Career Research Summary


Career Research Summary


Avery Smith

Career Research Summary

November 30, 2017

Bench Carpenter


A bench carpenters job is very interesting. Other names for a bench carpenter include cabinetmaker, frame builder, cabinet installer, and cabinet assembler. Personalities for bench carpenters pertain to work in this field. A bench carpenter has to pay attention to detail, have a high stress tolerance, be dependable,and  possess flexibility along with adaptability, cooperation, and concern for others. Technology that may be  needed for this job is electronic mail software, facilities management software, and operating system software ("Cabinetmakers & Bench Carpenters" My Next Move).

What the Job Entails

On the job, a person would be seen assembling and cutting varies wooden pieces as well as operating various woodworking machines. One must measure different dimensions of the wood to ensure the pieces will fit together correctly as well. There will be blueprints that will need to be followed ("Cabinetmakers & Bench Carpenters" My Next Move).

Skills and Education

For this job, one must have following basic skills like keeping track of others and  communication. Problem solving noticing and figuring the best way possible to solve. For this job to be done steady hands are a need. Steady hands with the movement of sitting, standing or lying down. Knowledge that will be needed in order to fulfill the job. Math, science, engineering, technology, and manufactured or agricultural goods. Education to become a bench carpenter is a high school diploma, GED, or a certificate after high school which is usually needed. Some jobs require further education ("Cabinetmakers & Bench Carpenters" My Next Move). Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology is where the certificate can be achieved. In order to achieve the certificate is takes 2 years ("Cabinetmakers & Bench Carpenters" My Next Move). The school is located in Lancaster Pennsylvania (Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology).

Money/Salary and Job Outlook

The outlook to become a cabinetmaker and bench carpenter. Job probability for the future are below average. There are less than half a dozen jobs located in the state of Pennsylvania. The median salary is around 33,050. The minimum amount available to be earned is around 21,280 and the maximum available to be earned is around 51,470 ("Cabinetmakers & Bench Carpenters" My Next Move).


With the skills gleaned from high school courses combined with an extra certificate from Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology, applicants for this job will have the tools necessary in this highly-skilled job.  STEM jobs are currently in high demand with many businesses having difficulty filling technical positions with qualified applicants. With a broad background of skills and certifications, a cabinet maker will be fully-equipped for the workplace.  

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