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Career Planning

The School Counselors are available to assist students with researching information about specific careers. In addition to individual assistance as needed, various career exploration activities are built into the high school curriculum for grades 8 through 12.


Course Selection


Each spring the School Counselors provide updated course selection informatio nfor both students and their familes and assist with choosing courses that best meet each student's individual needs and post-secondary plans.


Continuing Education/College Planning


From the time students begin high school as a freshman they are building a transcript that may eventually be sent to a post secondary school to which a student may want to attend after graduation. One of the functions of the Guidance Office is to assist students in researching different options in terms of further training and then taking the necessary steps to pursue those options.


Completing Applications


Assistance is provided as needed with post secondary school applications, scholarship applications, as well as job applications.


Individual Counseling


The School Counselors are available to assist students with individual personal problems they may be experiencing.


Conflict Resolution


School Counselors regularly handle conflicts between students and between students and teachers to try to resolve issues before they become disciplinary matters.


Course Failures


School Counselors address course failures with students and may suggest tutoring or any other resources that may be helpful.


Student Assistance Program


Both School Counselors participate in the SAP Program. SAP is a program by which parents, students, and school personnel can refer someone they are concerned about, have information gathered, and appropriate support provided through a team approach. In addition to the School Counselors, other trained members include teachers, the nurse, and a liaison from both the Mental Health and Drug and Alcohol agencies in Bedford.


Request a Transcript


Please contact Guidance Secretary, Deb Martin, to request a student transcript. 814.839.4195 ext 3336 or email [email protected]